Walkera HM Master CP Helicopter Devo 8S, 2.4Ghz Platinum Edition

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Walkera HM Master CP Helicopter RTF (2.4Ghz Platinum Edition)



Walkera Master CP 200 size 3D FBL RC Heli with Devo 8S Transmitter, Battery, and charger.








This package includes :
1. 8-Ch Walkera DEVO 8S 2.4G Remote controller
2. Pre-assembled Master CP Mini Helicopter (w/ 3.5mm Banana Plug)
3. 11.1V 1000mAh Li-Po Battery (3.5mm Banana Plug)
4. Instruction Manual (In a CD-ROM)
5. Small Accessories

6. Charger.


All new Walkera Devention 8S (we call it DEVO 8S) 2.4Ghz Touch screen Digital Transmitter
With the successful WK-2801 Pro transmitter, Walkera push a little forward, they made an upgraded version of WK-2801, called the "Devention", aka DEVO 8. You are looking at the DEVO 8S, which the the upgrade version of the DEVO 8, it has upgraded with the Telemetry Function, which means it can "Talk" with the receiver, and retrieve data from the receiver and display on the DEVO 8S screen, this is fancy stuff, and you get a lot of possibilities like displaying altitude, temp., speed or even GPS data.... (* requires helicopter to have telemetry function too) and as usual, DEVO 8S is a 8-Channel 2.4Ghz transmitter, with Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) module, very fast and direct respond with the receiver. And the best thing is, it's a Touch screen LCD display! It came with a Stylus, you can point the screen to adjust Pitch Curve, Throttle Curve and Gyro Sensibility etc..... all are one touch away with the big LCD display, it's fun and practical! And by using this DEVO 8S transmitter, you get to control all other Walkera Helis too, no need to store so many transmitter to play those beautiful Walkera Heli models.




1).Main Rotor Diameter: 462mm
2).Tail Rotor Diameter: 113 mm
3).Overall Length: 440mm
4).All-up Weight: 420g 
5).Battery: 11.1V 1000mAh Li-Po
6).Moril Motor: 380PF
7).Tail Motor: 1627PF
8).GYRO: 6-axis
9).Receiver: RX-2637H-D
10).Servo: WK-7.6-6 
11) Charger Included
Walkera Master CP is the lastest integrated design 3D helicopter for beginners , it’s Ultra durable and easy to maintenance.The latest New 6-axis flight control system, with adjustable gyro sensitivity, permits super stable flight which is good for 3D entrance level pilots to practise.Master CP adopts brushed motor, amazing perfromance as same as the brushless motor.The most important things for beginners are super stable flight and easy to maintenance, Master CP is what you want ! What are you waiting for ?



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