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Walkera FPV Truck Coming soon!

Walkera FPV Truck Coming soon!

Hi Friends,

Well it is officail, Walkera has a new FPV Truck coming. It will have FPV built in and also have the all new FPV4 Transmitter with color screen.  Heli RC Store will be stocking this new Walkera Truck.  However the jury is out on the quality and performance.  We at Heli RC Store have knowlege of R/C cars and trucks,  Bob raced cars back in New England. This will be a new venture for us stocking this type of Radio Controlled device.  We of course will not offer the product until we can get a hands on review.

We also know that the E-Eyes RC Plane will be stocked at our store!  

Please stay tuned, We will put the Truck up as an item to see if any of our valued customers may be interested in the Walkera FPV R/C Car and FPV E- eyes Airplane. Feel free to add your email to be notofied of stock availblity!!


Thanks again!

Heli RC Store




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