Walkera V450BD5 Airwolf 450 size Scale Design-New

Walkera V450BD5 Airwolf 450 size Scale Design-New | Heli RC Store [Walkera V450BD5 450 size Scale Design Airwolfe] | data_Walkera_V450BD5_aerial shot of Airwolfe.png
Brand: Walkera
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Walkera V450BD5 450 size Scale Design Airwolf  BNF Vesion (3-Axis).

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1). Main Rotor Dia:646mm

2). Tail Rotor Dia.:180mm
3). Overall Length: 680mm
4). Gyro: 3-Axis gyro
5). Servo: WK-09-9
6). Tail servo:WK-2601H
7). Brushless motor:WK-WS-28-007A
8). ESC:WK-WST-60A-5
9). Battery :11.1V 3300mAh Li-Po 25C
11).Radio: Compatible with all DEVO Series radios.


1).A great news for RC market , walkera has released a 450 size helicopter covered with Airwolf fuselage ,with multi-rotor head special design , a really awesome artwork !
2).And you don’t need to leave this great black pearl on the cabinet, just take it outside and enjoy the 3D fun flight with your friends , the great performance will bring you more fun .
3).Larger-capacity battery 11.1V 3300MAH enables longer flight time.With the-state-of-art workmanship , special Multi rotor head design , carbon fiber blades and beautiful LED lights , Airwolf 450BD5 is absolutely worthy of collection !
4).This awesome helicopter packed with a aluminium case,with walkera new radio system DEVO series radios , just enjoy the freely control feeling !
Transmitter Not Included, Devo 10 available for purchase.


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